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A little about Thor…

Our New Drummer – “The Mighty Thor” – Thor was born in Madison, WI, and raised in Portage, WI. After studying piano as an elementary student, he then joined the school band like most kids. In junior high, Thor joined the jazz band, and it was there where he first discovered, quite by accident, that he had an affinity for playing drums. It was also in jazz band where he played with his first rock band, Blindspot.

In high school Thor continued playing drums in school band as well as in outside rock groups. He was also a lead actor in plays and musicals, developing a love for being on stage and a passion for performing. Later in high school Thor enjoyed making movies in a video production class, which ignited an interest in large-scale productions.

Thor then enrolled at UW-Milwaukee for film, but quickly discovered that his life in Portage had not prepared him for the opportunities that larger cities provide artistically. It had never occurred to him that one could make a living playing music before moving to Milwaukee. He then changed his major to music, and spent 5 years learning classical art percussion. While in school Thor played at many venues around Milwaukee: night clubs, festivals, concert halls, parties, weddings, and more.
Upon completing school, Thor spent the next couple years working as a musician, teaching and playing music. In 2008, Thor enrolled at Lakeside School of Massage Therapy. He became a licensed massage therapist and worked in the field for about 2 years before he discovered that drumming and massage therapy has a tendency to overwork one’s hands! So, he quit.

Thor had the great opportunity to play and record with many great Milwaukee artists, including Tyler Traband, The Dark Clan, The Love Is Loud, Tammy Ann Winn, KatieBeth, and others.
In 2010, Thor released his first album, “Altitudes & Catari Ariyasaccani” at the Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee. It is an all-instrumental album, featuring two long pieces. While the album was very well-received, Thor wanted to discover what he could do with vocal music, and began work on a vocal album.
In 2011, Thor worked on cruise ships for P&O Australia from April-August, and then again from September-January. In between contracts Thor released “The Multitude” at Shank Hall.
Upon completing his second ship contract in January, 2012, Thor moved with his wife, violinist Stephanie Young, to Chicago, IL, where he has been found playing with The Steve Edwards Orchestra, 1976, About Nothin, Brass from the Past, Chez Butter, Chase Revisited, Animal Farm, Bowtime Quintet, and others.

In September 2013, Thor released his third album, Great Stone Stories at the Des Plaines Theatre in Des Plaines, IL. More information on this release on the Great Stone Stories page! Thanks for reading and checking out my website!

In 2014 Thor began working on chamber music for the Bowtime Quintet, an extension of his duo with Stephanie. Bowtime Quintet now performs as a regular ensemble throughout the Midwest. Go to the Bowtime Quintet page to hear more!